Another portfolio question - Teasers?

So what do you think is the best way to go about creating a taster of your work? Something that goes along with you’re CV to get everyone interested?

Also what format? CD-rom? Website link? small booklet? just one page?

Would like to hear what catches everyones eye…

I like it super simple.

When I was in the market, I would just send a stack of 8.5x11 print outs with a resume on top, and a cover letter on top of that on a clipboard. It was great because I could customize what pages to send for the teaser set… and people loved the clipboards for some reason…

Theres a lot of ways to do it, and none is right or wrong. In the end you want it to be simple, you want it to show off your best work, and make them say “hey thats nice I wonder what that is”. I personally dont think you need to go into detail about “this was a 6 week senior year project developing X for group Y. My role was blah blah blah kind of things”. I think they should be able to look at it and within 5 seconds say “Thats really nice looking” and be enough to wet their appetite to look at your website or email you back asking for a full portfolio.

My teaser sheet was the back side of my resume. Had a grid of square thumbnail images covering the page showing sketches, renderings, and final projects from my portfolio. The design also tied into my website which was a similar grid of images. When I finally went into interview the had the teaser printed out from the PDF I sent them and it started some discussions about what certain projects were.