Another Portfolio Critique

Hi people!

Can you give me the lowdown on my folio?

What do you reckon? Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Nice stuff.

Try to fix the shadows of the speakers :wink:

remove all the comments that have nothing to do with design, for example:

“Guitar player for 11 years” and “Regular gym user from the age of 16”

“Left Handed through and through!!!”

It seems to me that there´s a lot of text, and nobody likes to read that much. Try to shorten it an leave only the REALLY necesary stuff. (also remove the picture of the books, what you say there should be reflected on your works).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

you also have the URL pointing to the same place you already are… it makes no sense

Thanks for the comments. Will remove the unnecesary drivel. Wasn’t sure if companies like to see a well rounded resume or just design design design.

Agree with the URL - I will sort that out now.

cheers!! :slight_smile:

Nice sketches. While NO LOGO is an awsome book, id take that pic out. Not very professional.
It seems like you took some of your presention boards verbatim and used them in yur portfolio. This leaves repeated logos, useless text which is too small to read and just overall clutter. Your portfolio should be a presentation in and of itself. Reorganize yur work into a simple reflection of yur design process. Each project, while being able to stand alone as individual, should look like part of a bigger family.
Also, ive done it myself, but id loose the cheesy fonts on the car page. Its killing otherwise great work. Ive learned in my experience to let graphic designers do graphic design. IDers should keep it simple.

Thanks PDS!

Ok, so the message is integrate the A1 image so that the process flows without the crap overstylised texts and break up of (you are right here) a drag and drop portfolio image.

Bring in a logo or frame that glues the folio page together?


let us see the new version when it´s done :smiley:

Aye, i will do! :laughing: