another painting..

This was meant to be just a study and practice on clouds, i still have a ways to go, and then i put a vehicle in there. YARP.


so for every 6000 views you get 1 comment… i get it. R ppl just shy? or … come one! feedback people!!!critique me like you hate Me!lol…

uhm… I thought it was pretty nice, though it is not a very informative view of the design, it would be tough to make a model from that view…

THANK YOU… yo’s my man. anyways ya, i didnt really think of the design or view before hand, its just cloud practice then i decided to put a vehicle in it, improvised. Maybe if i planned it out more it would look a lot better.

looking at the clouds only, the depth is flat. perhaps if you increased the contrast in color/brightness you’d get more depth.

i’m digging what i’m guessing is the propulsion/levitation system on the vehicle. i’d love to see more of a descriptive view of that

cool, thx for the tip ill try that.