Another logo refresh: Nickelodeon

Just saw this here:’s-logo-gets-an-update/

Seriously? wtf are they thinking! :open_mouth:

New Nickelodeon logo:

Old Logo:

This is pretty bad. I don’t necessarily mind the design more than it does not really portray the brand. But then again how much influence does nickelodeon have anymore. I don’t even know if it is still watch by kids and I couldn’t even tell you what channel it is on my TV. I think it is up there in the channels that no one watches.

It immediately made me think of this, that also just came out…

Combine that with “The Shack” and “The Hut” and it seems that chunky typefaces is the soup du jour for brand re-freshes.

nickelodeon is still big. Bigger than when I was a kid in the 80’s/90’s. With nick at night, nick teens, nick jr, nick toons. I’m in agreement that the logo itself is not bad, it is just a radical step for the brand when that logo and it’s many forms is such a big part of the appeal of the network for kids- but of course I’m not an expert, so I trust “they” know better than me! :smiley:

What’s next, no more slime?! Oh wait…

I don’t think its as bad as you guys are saying. The no-caps logo is laid back and friendly.

it seems to communicate a little bit more of an “edutainment” feel than the old one. the old logo has a brush font inside various fun shapes while the new one is web 2.0-ey. they may be switching their focus slightly to appeal more to parents, like nickelodeon is going to develop your childs brain instead of just being the channel with the slime.

I think they’re about due for an overhaul and I like it. I watched it when I was a kid and when I look at the original logo there’s some nostalgia, but there’s a point where it’s just stale too. I think the new logo hits the mark well and is fresh, simple, and inviting. It has a “Nintendo” feel to it, who also markets to largely the same audience.

hmm, it seems my nostalgia got the best of me… change is good.
At least they didn’t decide to call it “the Nick” :laughing:

I don’t know. I think this logo does not reflect that fun, cartoon, playful, and child like nature of their brand. I wonder if there is plans to put this into forms like the Blimp, Taxi, etc…

I totally agree with the EDU vibe. The second I looked at it, the “i”, “l”, and “d” made me think of raised hands.

I think the old one was a lot better towards children, a lot more playful.