Another iPOD "inspired" shoe

Im bored at work so I decided to show you guys some sketches from the KG iPOD theme submission I did.

Comments Suggestions are Always Welcomed :slight_smile:

My inspirations for this shoe came from more than just an iPOD. I looked at everything mac. The perfs on the back of the shoe came from the g5, the midsole originally was inspired from some accents on the Motorolla Rokr . The section where the blue and the red accents are… comes from the logo / emblem on the box of the Microsoft Office for mac. I dont really like literary translations so I made the shoe look a bit more inconspicuous (sp?) I wanted someone to really take it and stare at it for a long time to see where these inspirations come from.

I named the shoe “Raskin” after Jef Raskin, who is widely known to some as the “father” of the MAC

Thanx for posting. Its great to see some work up. This is a good forum to get feedback. There may be less responses but they will be more focused on shoe design.

I like how you looked to Apple for all of your visual inspiration, but Apple uses those visual cues in a very functional way. For example, where you used the apple perfs, the heel counter is usually backed with a piece of thermo formed plastic, so perfing the upper there would not be functional. You foot sweats the most through the arch and top of the midfoot. It would make sense to put the perfs there.

Using the Motorola and Microsoft office box for reference is a little too tertiary. Focus in on mac products and what makes people such hardcore mac users. If you can encapsulate that, you’ll be good.

the proportions of the upper I think are hurting this one for starters. Before you start rendering, make sure the design concept and the linework are right.


Thanks for the input man. Now im going to go back to the drawingboard and apply most of the advise you have given. :smiley:

I thought my proportions were ok on paper…maybe the scan skewed it? I dunno, but if you say its off, ill take your word for it.

Again thanks :slight_smile:

I doubt the scan skewed it but nice try :wink:

You want to be more in this zone, see the red line:

Also, Apple designs are all about economy of form and line. See how you can simplify things, make one thing work for another, or at least share the same line. Simplify!

lol, I wasnt trying to fight the issue of the design being off proportionally. I really just didnt understand where I was off at. Thanks for the example, now I know I have a lot more work to do to maybe perfect this. :slight_smile:

well Yo covered all the points…
i might just suggest to change those sharp angles on the shank and heel.
respect the foot (it’s shape and motion).

as Yo said, catch the essence and the spirit of the mac product design…
if they were designing a new mac inspired by Nike would they use the stitchings to assemble the product? :o0