Another Headphone/Bottle opener

Hi all,
I designed a keychain headphone/bottle opener and I am thinking about doing a small run of 250 parts. I was hoping to get some feedback on it before I proceeded though. I wanted to use it as a “business card” of sorts, pass around some free samples to introduce myself to the Philly ID community at large and hope to get some orders for it as well.

John Pickard

  1. Never would I hang my headphones like you show, exposed to the elements, and potential loss if became untangled without me noticing.
  2. A bottle open is quite a useless tool to carry around, esp that big. Bottles can be opened using just about anything, including keys or your smart phone (unless you care about some scratch marks)
  3. You named the thread “Another bottle opener”. Perhaps that should be an indication that using this as a sorts of business card will place you as “Another bottle opener designer”.

Sorry for the negativity, but it seems like a really useless object to me. Not that it would be the first or last - 250pcs won’t ruin the world nor cause you great financial debt, so if you believe in it go for it.

Modern Man concurs with engio.

I agree that the earphone cord element doesn’t seem as successful or necessary.
Disagree on the uselessness of a bottle opener. I have drawn blood with my desperate attempts to open beer bottles with keys and would never let a bottle get close to my smartphone.
To me, a nearby opener is a must.

I like the bottle opening business card though. I think being able to open a bottle of beer with for a potential employer or fellow designer you are trying to impress a design event, could be quite memorable if you hand them the opener/business card afterwards with the opened beer.

Certainly if not anything else, a great ice breaker.

Use “multi-tool” instead of “bottle opener.”

Agreed with bepster. Would never use the earphone bit, but have ended up with cuts and bruises from trying to improvise opening a beer bottle.

Sounds like this is a product you’d like to sell with a second life as a business card, are you planning to put your info on it somehow? If not, I would say for now ditch the goal of orders find a way to add your info to the tool. Good chance if you’re opening beers for people they may not be able to recall your name and email off the top of their head.

I want to see how people might use this in the dating world. Would you call the guy/girl that handed you a beer with a business card bottle opener?

hey guys,
Thanks for the feed back. I was not thinking of putting my info on it but rather just give them out to people with my actual biz card. There is a hole for the earbuds so there is not a lot of space on it. I was playing with the idea of taking a strong card stock and attaching it to a key ring on the multi-tool. Keeping it a little interesting. Calling it a multi-tool makes much more sense, thanks.

Engio, thanks for the help, but for a couple reasons, which I won’t get into, I do not agree with your points and I don’t believe they apply. This product is for a demographic that you, and many other people may not be a part of. However, you have done me a favor. You have reminded me how important it is to listen to others and what collaboration can do for a idea, but you also have reminded me just how important it is when NOT listen to others and just keep going. I don’t mean that sarcastically or in a snarky way but as something that all creatives must work through.


Great, I’m glad you took it that way. You don’t have to defend yourself or convince me. I, or anyone else here, don’t know everything. Best you can do is to take everything in, analyse and distill, and keep what’s worth keeping. Good luck with your project.