Another great sketching book

I am so happy that there are finally some new and good sketching books coming out.

Title: Sketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designers
Author: Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur
ISBN#: 978-981-245-621-2

Amazon link (pre-order only):

A link that actually has pictures of the book:

THanks Tim.
This book looks good/the link also showed up over at

I am looking for “design language” and “mood board” books also.

I’ll keep a look out.

What is meant by Design Language? It is used in so many ways now.

my interest was sparked on this from the article relating ipods “clean” aesthetic to a bathroom…with the glossy white and chrome.

this is the only reference that i found… Design language - Wikipedia

the above is a link to the aforementioned article to those not familiar.

A jolly good read.

That looks like a good one! Thanks for posting Tim… it seems like after a decade of coffee table books with glossy product shots, we are finally getting a bunch of books about process again. I think a lot of this was sparked by groups like The Design Studio press and others putting out their own books.


Very true.

It is so exciting to have something besides Coffee Table books. I am hoping this will get more designers interested in publishing, so we can have even more material.

Hi Timf,

That is a damn good find, and probably the best I have seen so far. Thanks!

oOoOoO!!! thanks tim… that on the christmas list FOSHO.

hey man, i’ve been looking for that sort of thing for a long time too…
and in general a design research book… something that’s aimed at students on accepted ways of conducting and presenting design research, how it’s done professionally etc… i haven’t found anything yet though…
it’s wierd, seems like with all the MFA in iD folks doing design research, there should be some decent texts out there…

I too have this one on my list.

looks good, will order one.