Another ethnography article

It’s always interesting to see how these things get spun by the press. I’m continually fascinated that there seem to be articles that describe the use of ethnography in developing advertising, and articles that describe the use of ethnography in product development, but that no article ever mentions both.

This one seems extremely focused (if you will) on the film-making aspect of ethnography, and not at all on the skills of interviewing, and forget the analysis or implications. Reading it just makes me feel bad I’m not as cool, hip, or as well-travelled as the people in the story :frowning:


yow, looks like we have another " fad industry" on our hands. the land grab is on. OK dot commers, get your cameras and start ethnografying! oooh, wait, are we behind the curve? darn…

Saw the news today, the design exhibition of student in Tokyo is out of the ordinary . Have piece make with container idea shown to design original. But not very special. Interview one China in Japan foreign student , she talk about China and foreign teaching method and atmosphere have a certain influence among them. Thus the direction and thinking designed widen the different key . :exclamation: