Another edge design: TL

Acura seems to have bought in the Reventon looks 100%.

ouch, I guess they where not going for pretty?

Yeah, I have an '08 TL which I love the styling of - the 09 just doesn’t do it for me. Theres some areas that I like or can tolerate (like the big grille) but then you have the stacked fog light/turn indicators in the front grill and the big reflectors on the rear bumper - it just comes off as unnecessary.

Glad I got mine when I did.

I agree, the last one (the one you have) is super nice. Very modern detailing, super solid looking, and not overdone! The last one was clean.

I like this new one. It’s like a big Astra.

I think they just missed out the point of…
intergrating front & rear with vehicle…
why they don’t have same edge look with side…?

I think its hard to make the side of a car look all fiddly and edgy. There are so many components on the front and rear that can be styled that way. The side you have to get more sculptural.

Maybe Acura designers read that so they can be shocked away from doing this again! I see where you are going, reverse psychology, nice.

Maybe they thought if they go aginst the flow it might workout well, like at BMW. Doubt that will happen.

It is a unique face, I’ll give them that! Kind of a filled in version of the ubiquitous 5 sided grill on so many brands. The upper grill is purelly decorative on todays cars, as most are bottom breathers. The inlets on the lower bumper actually feed the radiator.

Sports cars can get away with no grill (Honda s2000)

But premium sedans that have tried this have been mostly rejected (First generation Passat and first generation Infinity Q45)