Another crowdsourcing website Rock the Post

I believe each and every single of such websites or systems makes the world a better place. Everyone has a slightly different system, so in the long run some will survive and change the world, some will not.

A few days ago I noticed a new one and immediately felt that I wanted to participate. I had previously tried another one, but could not get enough visibility, as there was thousands of projects and the website did not show random projects to users, so it is up to you to attract enough people to support your project. From the natural traffic of the website I could get only less than 10 people to see my project, let alone support it. I guess one needs thousands of people to see your project so that a fraction of that will decide to support.

As I noticed that the new one has few projects at the moment, posting a new project will be visible to everyone that checks the website. (By the way the url is So I did post a project. People that visit the website get to see my project, however as the website is new there are few visitors :slight_smile: . The website is around one month old I guess. So I hope that in the duration of my project (60 days) the traffic will increase and I will get enough support.

I would recommend anyone with a suitable project to try this website as it is still young and you will get free visibility. I guess visibility is the most valuable thing on the net novadays. Thinking in terms of Seth Godin’s permission marketing, everyone that checks the website is coming with their own will and permission. You cannot get that kind of attention with advertisement etc. If the website can be successful, it will be full of projects and once again we will need to struggle for visibility. Then we will need to catch the new train I guess.

Thank you for posting this, and sharing your experiences. I’m considering posting a project myself. Good Luck!

for sure it is also a good idea…

Look at this one and let me know what you think… is a crowdsourcing industrial design website, run by a team of trained product designers. The site is open to anyone/everyone for participation in the various stages of the design process and welcomes newcomers to submit ideas and participate by commenting on ideas proposed by others to try to improve the idea submitted as well as voting at various stages in the process. They reward ‘influence’ (which then translates into monetary reward) to users who contribute ideas which are incorporated into the final design and prototyped by the design team staff. They have a ‘shop’ section on their site featuring final commercialized designs (a collection of stylish handy household items and gadgets). I used to think that crowdsourcing design would be a horrible thing… But if you have a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences filtered through a ‘design lens’ by experienced designers, it may actually help identify nuances and opportunities in areas that as designers we do not have as much experience in… I personally think that it is genius. What do you think?

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