Another comparison... NYU ITP vs. Parsons D+T, SVA IxD

Hey there,

Well, the ball’s in my court and I’d appreciate your advice on this. I’m having a difficult time choosing between these three:

  • ITP is totally cool, but no financial aid makes it an insane $40K a year to participate. As for the program, it has great reputation but I feel it’s a bit thin on design (which I’d like to get into) and heavy on programming (which I already know).
  • Parsons Design and Technology: I’d really like to hear some info and opinions from past and present students. I feel like I don’t know enough about it. Oh, and with financial aid it comes down to about 1/2 of ITP’s tuition. But how much of a factor should money be?
  • SVA’s new IxD program is receiving a lot of positive attention. However, I’m not sure how wise it is to take a chance with a brand new program and curriculum (I guess it has its pros and cons). What would you do?

P.S. what’s the deal with NYU’s graduate housing?? seems even more insane than the tuition…