Another BA?

I’m looking into post-secondary design education (I have BA in ID from VaTech.) I understand from talking with designers involved in IDSA’s mentoring program that an MA in Industrial Design is primarily used for teaching. My current BA from VATech isn’t getting me where I want to be and I am considering getting a second BA in ID from a more reputable school. Does this sound reasonable? Are there other options? (I’m looking for portfolio development and software experience… in general a more complete design education.)

Getting an MA in ID is not such a terrible idea, even if you are not interested in teaching. I think the perception of the MA in ID as being only for those interested in teaching is becoming one of the past. As you said though, a reputable school in a metropolitan hub is better and for a variety of reasons.

Many schools - art schools especially - will offer a variety of part-time non-credit courses related to the design fields, check them out maybe a few of these courses will help you boost your portfolio. Some of the larger schools have summer programs, where you go and spend a couple months full-time doing regular credit courses.

As for software skills, again take night school courses to get started and follow through with the rest on your own. Believe it or not it alot of BA programs tread lightly when teaching software skills. They might offer one or two courses aimed at establishing the basics and getting students started, but then also expect them to learn much of it on their own.

Use what you have. Exhaust it, then consider a second degree.