Another adobe question. Photoshop to Acrobat

I exported some psd files to jpg and tried to insert them in acrobat. However it just becomes a blank square no matter which image I insert. I tried to play around with the save settings in p-shop but nothing helps.

When I insert older jpg files, it’s normal.

I am using CS2 and Acrobat 7 at school. Any idea?

Ok, this is weird.

When I save it as 96dpi, the resolution of monitors, it doesn’t opens up as blank in acrobat.

When I save it as 100 dpi, it works normally. Why is this happening?

Hey MC

I’m not completely sure why this is happening but here is what I do.

My work in Photoshop is 300dpi. After flattening the image I drop the res to 72dpi. Then save as a PDF.

In Acrobat, I open the file I saved, and it will ask if I want to append it to the currently opened file, or to make a new file.

This always works for me.

My only problem is the resolution is tight on the screen at 100%, but not something you’d want to print (I print at 300dpi). So a larger file with images at 300dpi is required to send a file that is printable.

Anyway, I am still learning here as well, maybe someone else has a more strealined approach for sending hi res stuff.