Another 3D printer

With so many of these things out now, it’s time we made a sticky thread I think. Here’s a new one (to me): Solido. It cuts and glues PVC sheets together for a precision of .1mm in the xy axis, .168 in the z axis. Supposedly under $10k. I’ll post more when I have the chance to see parts.

Here’s another. Something tells me the molecular gastronomy & gastronomic deconstruction folks would be all over this.

Well then let the posting begin. There have been over 40 technologies devloped. Here is an old page that attempts to list the majority pf those available circa 2006.

That tech. is called LOM (laminated object manufacturing) - Rapid Prototyping: LOM

Here is a similar style of LOM.

Thanks for the updates! Anyone with the experience to compare the models to the more popular FDM, SLA varieties?