Does anyone have an idea about common size limitations for anodizing aluminum parts? Is anodizing something the size of a formed metal chair or larger uncommon?

Hi there,

From the anodize houses I have dealt with in Nth Ca it really comes down to the individual vendors. For most, a chair size piece wouldn’t be to much of a challenge but it will come down to the inidividual shop and how big their acid baths are. (FYI - Word of warning, don’t rely on the vendor to mask your part well. They have a tendency to not be too concerned about the little things.)


If the chair disassembles, it will be easier to anodize the components separately. An average size chair should be within the size range of a decent shop though. You will get dinged pretty bad on the color if you are doing something special, as you will have to pay for an entire tank of dye. Best to do as large a run as possible in that case. And make sure you give them a test article to anodize before you entrust an entire production run to them. There are a lot of mediocre anodizing shops, and it’s nearly impossible to satisfactorily reanodize something once it’s been messed up.