Annual sales volume for casual kicks?

Hi everyone,

im afraid I have a bit of a vague question,

What would be a reasonable estimate of annual sale volumes for a casual/“lifestyle” trainer sold in the US and Europe and priced around £60-90?



yup, its too vague to answer.

depends on the brand/distribution/design/retailer/country/price/design/etc., etc…

could be anywhere from 1,000prs for a niche/limited lifestyle brand to 1,000,000’s for a high volume mass market style from one of the big brands. or anything in between…

sorry if this doesnt help, but there really is no answer to give to such a vague question. in any case, even if you had a more specific answer, it wouldnt really help you in predicting volumes for another product, as every variable (in addition to timing) can change the whole game…


thanks for your response, my apologies for being so vague

From looking around I think what more closely matches what I’m looking for would be the adidas Y-3 range, Puma 96hrs collection, tho they are higher price point and more exclusive. Prehaps also Camper as less high volume big brand example.

what Im hoping to find out is whether sales figures for these would be in the 10,000’s or 100,000’s, its for a uni project, as I didnt really know where to start with estimating the volumes. Im trying to get a guess-timate volume for a sole moulding so I can work out a rough cost.
Thanks again

helps to narrow it down a bit, but still not easy to really say (without actually knowing the numbers for those brands).

to help put it in a scale, i’d say 10,000 prs per style is closer to reality than 100,000, all things considered.

but also to consider is that in terms of mold costs, most likely there are multiple styles per tooling and molds are carried over for more than one season.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile: