Annual Media Conference-Schmiede Hallein'04



The “Schmiede Hallein” was conceived as a gathering, a collaboration, a
collective shout from the emergent digital culture, an opportunity for multimedia
artists of every background to interact and produce. It will be a catalyst for the
artistic process, opening up channels of communication between multimedia artists
from around the world.

Project-oriented collaboration between competent multimedia artists and
producers have already been our leading principal in 03. 2004 will carry on this
thought and reinforce it by setting precise goals and concentrating on a product oriented

The Schmiede team encourages future participants to formulate ideas,
expectations and projects they would like to see on our “focuson festival” or develop
during the “Schmiede Hallein 04”. We hope that this will trigger a process of
collaboration even in the time proceeding the Schmiede Hallein and help the formation and
development of project groups.

In order for the thinking process to start at a very early point, the
Schmiede team encourages future participants to inform themselves about posted projects,
get involved or even find partners in crime for their own. For orientation we
will soon post projects of our own. Participation in a project group is not
required, however it will facilitate your acceptance into the Schmiede Hallein 04. The
Causal Agency Arist Network`s ( community site will be used to post projects
( (to be up and running soon).

The Schmiede Hallein 04 will feature four official Labs: Audio, Djing,
Programming and Visual. Self initiative is expected, participation is free of charge.

Expected Audio Producers: Bionic Kid (waxolutionists), Erdem Tunakan
(cheap), Funki
Porcini (ninja tune), Process (causal agency), Twinnie (cheap), Dj Pruce
(rhythmbreakz), Walkner Hintenaus (simple), Zanshin (second records).

Further Producers: Michael Hackl (plankton labs), Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner
(gen-control), Dj Sors (beast), Michael Svec (cliptease),

Waiting for confirmation: Baby Mammoth, Mode Selector, Patrick Pulsinger,
Si Begg.

The Schmiede Team’s offers two internal projects, for which you can apply

  1.   The production and distribution of a Multimedia DVD. The content

will be audiotrax with their own video production. Special Features in combination
with a documentation will make this a new and exciting product.

  1.   Repeating the "focuson festival's" success. (Here whole project

groups can apply as well)

Approximately 50 artists and project groups will have the privilege to
participate at this years “Schmiede Hallein”. Participation will be decided by
election through an independent jury, which will make its decision based upon entry
applications.(applications are available 24/7 at main menu> Schmiede Hallein
main menu> Application)

Application ends May 1st, Participants will be notified by Mai 15th.

The Schmiede Hallein Media Conference is an official Austrian non-profit