Annoying co-worker:

I sit right by this co-worker that listens to Music that just really bad, he plays his music loud and the worst part is he sing along with it. (Cantonese Pop)
What to do? I told him to turn it down, but no matter how low the music is, he sings with it, and his voice is just … you know, not pleasant to hear…

I sit right next to a guy that likes to talk to himself out loud and sings, hums and taps on his desk all the time. It’s pretty annoying. I have found the only solution is to have my noise canceling headphones on and listen to my own music.

noise cancelling headphones…

Noise Cancellation sounds good.
These are Chinese engineers that wears their pant up to their chest.
I am not sure if they will find foam dots entertaining…but great idea! Thanks!

Reminded me of the solution to the alien invasion from Mars Attacks.

Sometimes one must resort to drastic measures. Nothing Slim Whitman can’t take care of.

Cantonese Pop

Sounds like a soft drink… .

If it gets really bad for you and tried everything, worst case scenario talk to HR. Noise canceling headphones are a miracle of inventions though :laughing:

I use the subtle tap on the shoulder and a ‘Shut the F@#k up’. It never fails.

‘Shut the F@#k up’

The “direct approach” is always good I say. No room for doubt, or misunderstanding. :angry:

I can sure sympathize with you. My dorm roommate in school would sing along with his headphones on while he studied … the guy couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. What I found mystifying was that he played trombone (quite well) in the marching band … an instrument that relies on being able to discern pitch. :confused:

Every time he does it, get up, get right in his space and start dancing suggestively to it, he’ll stop.

I used to sit next to this woman who would yak in Polish on the phone for hours at a time, of course no one around her understood what she was saying so she talked as loud as she wanted to. One day I lost it and went over to her cubicle and did exactly just that. :laughing:

It’a quick, to the point and has a great results. If only everything at work was so simple :slight_smile:

Come-on. I am a nice girl. That’s not in my vocabulary. :blush:

How about:

“Can you please be quiet, because I’m a nice girl and I don’t want to tell you to shut the f*^k up?”

At one of my previous jobs I was one of only 4 men in an office of 21 people. Let’s just say that the women would talk amongst themselves like a guy wasn’t in the room at all. :blush: I told 2 of the women in my cubicle cluster that they were “the perverted older sisters I never had.” Like it or not I learned a lot more about women then I wanted to!

Anyway, I came up with a pretty creative solution for letting them know that they were grossing me out with their conversation. We had these somewhat strange cubicles which were clustered in groups of 4 and had a sort of triangular peak in the center. In other words, I could talk to the person next to me face to face, but couldn’t see the others. So I came up with the idea that I would make a white flag, like a sign of surrender, to wave above my cubicle to remind them that I was there. They got a big kick out of it but sooner or later stopped paying attention to it. :confused:

The worst example I had to listen to was one of them talking about the dates of her menstural cycle for the last 6 months! “And in April it was on the 17th…” I finally got repulsed enough that I said to her “Are you gonna send us all a Microsoft Outlook calendar for this, or can you STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!” She turned 5 shades of red and clammed right up! :laughing:

This is why god created the USB rocket launcher, annoy-a-tron and phantom keystroker. (all via

The annoy-a-tron is sort of like a tiny digital watch module that you can hide around their desk that at random times lets off annoying sounds.

The phantom keystroker is a USB you can plug into the back of their computer and it generates random mouse movements, and t ypes random letters.
Picture 11.png
Picture 10.png

Certainly, this is a predicament. If you have speakers of your own, I would see his Cantonese Pop and raise him one ‘Towering Flesh’ by Pig Destroyer, actually there are plenty of bands like this, you get the point. In this scenario, no one wins, everybody cries. Especially Pig Destroyer.

On second thought, maybe you record your co-worker singing one day, then blast that record the next day? A good laugh. Everyone is friends again. ahh…

Get some side cutters and cut the speakers wire.

Reminded me of the solution to the alien invasion from Mars Attacks.

Sometimes one must resort to drastic measures. Nothing Slim Whitman can’t take care of.

LAMO! I had forgotten about that movie! Now I need to see if I can find the DVD of it!