Anime is killing me...

Am I the only designer in the world who finds anime to be trite and cliche?

I am getting so tired of seeing artists (and especially illustrators) drawing everything in that super-exaggerated style (huge eyes with at least three specular reflections, out of control spikey hair, and over-the-top facial expressions). What happened to classical form and subtlety? Are we a society of ADD kids and have to be beaten over the head with stimulae in order for us to take notice?

I’ll take the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo anyday over the over stylized garbage that is labeled “anime”.

Does anyone else even care?

…yes, anime makes me nuts and so does the trend in tv ads where the background music has vocals but it is jibberish (suzuki, kfc and others)…and they run the same ad over and over again, sometimes back to back…then the jibberish gets in my head and i cann’t get it out…i try to forget it but it keeps coming back…it just won’t go away…no matter what i do…it is enough to make me want to kill myself.