Animation software

anyone knows a simple animation software that I can use to design a simple website. Am not looking for anything professional, something that could do a 2 minute animation would be fine. Thanks !

if you want simple stuff you cud use adobe imageready/ gif animator to stitch individual illustrations and make a gif animation. or you can try flash morphing. depends on what you want to animate actually…

Flash is really the only way to go anymore if you want to animate content for the web.

It’s extremely simple to pick up the basics even if you have no prior web experience.

thanks !

Well I only want to animate a single character working… the back ground is easy to make. Also I should have added that it would be better to find drawing programmes on the webhosting site too. Its not anything that difficult to do. So I hope to skip buying a full animation software just to a website.

thanks ! I will look into it. But I think I need to buy the software though. Anything that is a freeware or shareware ?

there will be some simple giff stuff out there…pretty much a gif is just a series of images combined in one file. So should should be able to find some converter that puts a series of images together and pump out a gif file. Flash is far more versatile though and gives you nice a small files…but costs some money, unless you go down the hack/cracked/patched/warez route. (but aren’t meant to talk about that)

If you have photoshop you can make your own animated gif in imageready (it comes with it). You can find out how to do it online, I did it once a few years ago. It’s simple, frame by frame and I think you give it a time limit for how long it should be.