animation schools

Does anybody know which is the good animation school in US, and how god are Full Sail and University of Art Institute in San Francisco.

CalArts in Valencia, CA is amazing - started by disney, is a feeder into disney animation department… they have a traditional animation dept. and a non-traditional for more avant-garde stuff (actually everything at that school is pretty avant-garde…) - check it out!

RIT got an ok animation program.

there’s one in Georgia. Called savahna or something

SVA has good animation department.

SVA is considered a primary source of animation talent for both coasts. Our graduates work at Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks skg, Blue Sky Studio and Nickelodeon.

You’ll learn from more than 30 directors, animation and special effects artists, character designers and writers. Legends and prominent animators like Yvette Kaplan (Beavis and Butthead Do America, Ice Age) are here to give you instruction, feedback and to nurture your artistic vision. A recommendation from a faculty member can lead to an interview for a job; you take it from there.

I am not a promoter or somesort, but I do recommend my undergraduate school. I graduated from the school in year 2001, and I was very impressed by animation and 3D animation that they made during the time. They often provided trips to animation studios including MTV, and screening of old and new movies and animations almost all the time.

Columbia College, check under the Film and Video Dept. Two of my friends teach there (one full time.) Both used to be animators for Viacom and Midway games. The deparment is huge and been around for a while: Page Not Found - Columbia College Chicago