Angus Hyland Posters

Hi guys… just finished a project with the man himself … Angus Hyland… check my website he is an incredible artist and an inspiration. Partner at Pentagram just polishes off his career nicely!

Let me know what your opionions are of the work


and for those of you who dont know what an opionion is… it is opinion in erm… french!

Great site! Very good use of color, composition, social commentary and overall sense of humor. I would love to see how the work looks in person…I could not get to the link to purchase a print…I will try again…But overall excellent execution…I am in the US so it is damn near impossible to find the mag but the site has my interest!

“Showcase your creativity and promote issues you care about.” That statement from the site will change the world. I love the site and I will join ASAP!