Angry Birds Piñata

I made this for my daughters birthday and was really happy with how it turned out:

(It doesn’t seem high falutin’ enough for the projects forum, so I put it here)

That’s cool!

Design for the Real World!

Seems high falutin’ enough for your daughter. Which is what counts. It would have been a great “Project” post if you asked me.

It’s funny how some traditions travel and some don’t. Here in the UK we usually only see these Pinata creations on US home video blooper shows where some unsuspecting dad gets bashed in the nuts by the eager first swipe of a disorientated blindfolded kid. It usually raises a smile but the essence of this bashing action that kids are encouraged to perform remains something of a mystery to us I think. From reading Wiki I understand its an old tradition that has already travelled quite a bit, but there’s something about it that doesn’t seem to resonate with these shores. Perhaps we are uneasy with the symbolic message of encouraging overt violence in young minds to bash something to bits to get what you want, however well it’s dressed up. But looking at our behaviour on the world stage I’m guessing it’s the overt part that we might havea problem with. It appears we’re not averse to bashing people or things up to get what we want, but rarely do we tell the truth about why we’re doing such things, prefering instead to employ covert Orwellian tactics to make it appear we are doing the target of our aggression a favour!

(ugh - I just had de-ja-vu when i finished writing this last politic-y bit, so my apologies if I’ve already said this somewhere else!)

That was an interesting treatise wallflower. :wink:

I was under the impression that “bashing” was a particularly British invention. The Celts, Hadrian’s Wall, the Welsh, Culloden, “The Empire on which the sun never sets” and all that.

But “you” certainly have no corner on the bashing market… …

Nice! She must have loved it!

On a side note, that would be a hilarious and seriously memorable portfolio add, just as a single image at the end or something :wink:

With process sketches, of course…



dude… . …when can you start? :wink:

Thanks for introducing me to that whole Pinata thing. I think I’ll use it, eventually.