Angel/VC investor

Hi all!

For the past couple years I have been developing a really awesome product, that turned into 3 related products, I designed everything from logo to packaging that can turn into a brand easily.
I have Powerpoint CV pitch and the entire research ready.

But now I am stuck. I don’t know any VC’s or how to properly contact them and ask them to hear it out. It wouldn’t even require an astronomical investment but a very reasonable for a start.

What can I do from this point? I do not want to go the Kickstarter rout because I am afraid it can be easily stolen and lost. I really believe that someone with slightly more money than me can realize it in a flash.

I would appreciate any advice you may offer.

Thank you!


Welcome to the boards Netali!

Any brand or business is much more than the product, so if you have a business plan you can attract investors to match that plan. The people you are looking for are often very specific, e.g. it took our business 3 years to find the person we were looking for. But if the investment you need is a very reasonable number, why not ask the ones closest to you first?