Andrew Kim - Sketching Thread

OK, I’ve been asked to post my sketches time after time but never really got to it. So to make it up for those that have asked, I’ll be posting my sketches here. I can’t promise a daily post but maybe I’ll be able to do weekly. Sorry, this first post is kinda dry and crappy but I promise I’ll post some more awesome stuff soon.
My previous work:
Espresso (apr-2009):
Soma (jan-2009): SOMA - Tingle your somaticsensory system.
Synthesis (may-2008): LG Synthesis - A Concept Phone

man your stuff is just so clean and fresh! is this on marker paper?

i recently got some copics, so maybe i can do stuff like this soon! haha

ps. u ever get on your msn? im about to make one and would love to chat :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Sadly, I can’t seem to find marker paper for a good price here in Vancouver, and used up all the ones I bought from Korea. So this is just done on standard marker paper which really bleeds like hell… Anyways, I’m on msn quite often, so add me when you get yours.

alright sweet just sent u one :slight_smile:

I’ve always loved the contrast in your work Andrew.

I just started using a tablet and I have got to say - it feels great. This is my first sketch using my wacom. It turned out better than I had hoped so I’m pretty happy. Thanks for the comments!

Your work is brilliant. I like the syle of your sketches, what tablet do you currently use? Im looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Damnit Andrew, your “my first tablet sketch” is supposed to be a blurry, confusing mashup of lines and colors!

You’re clearly doing something wrong. :laughing:

Great stuff - just watch your wheels. Check out Scott Robertsons car DVD - he has a great technique to understand how to draw 5 spoke wheels consistently. The shading on the wheels is fine, but the actual lines and angles of the spokes are all over the place. Fill in some elippses for your hub and rim, and then connect those with your spokes.

The nice thing is about doing this digitally, is you could go back in and redo the wheels and have a killer sketch.

Keep on posting.


you were prosauce in photoshop and now this?!


lets see your sketches!
Rough stuff.

Aside from that, your proportions seem a bit off.
wheelbase way too short.
Like cartoon car proportions.


looks good.

not mind blowing like your finished stuff.

I’d recommend you try out digital sketching.

paper sketching is necessary, I always do quick napkin style paper sketching, more developed paper sketching, digital sketching, then digital rendering

I think someone like yourself would greatly benefit from a Wacom, and I don’t say that to most

normally its just paper paper paper until perfect

beautiful stuff, I apologize (if you still remember) for what I said about photoshop at Product Design Forum.

Did you use photoshop or sketchbook pro for that render? (or something else maybe?)

p.s. darn… you live in Vancouver?? as in Vancouver, Canada…? if so… me too… lol

You did see that last one was digital right? :laughing: Or did you get fooled.

That style is very convincing at the marker look. I could never pull that off.

Thanks for the comments. I’m quite busy right now with a bunch of different projects but I was able to squeeze in one sketch. Hopefully the wheels are better this time Cyberdemon. ^^

wrukawaw, it’s cool man. I used photoshop for that render, like I did with my projects. But for things like the Espresso/Soma/Lavender, I used a mouse, while these sketches are done with a pen tablet (Intuos 4 btw, pej05).

i noticed you like to design for LG right?

did you check out the LG cellphone design competition yet?

if not, its under

however, you will not recieve any prize if you are not US citizen, and 18 years old or up. I think you can still give it a try though, just to see how professional rate your ideas.

yeah well you cant even enter if your below 18. and andrew is 17

I was actually contacted by LG to enter but they soon realized that I was underage and also not a US resident. I made the Espresso for a competition going on in Korea so I guess I’ll hope for the best with that. Thanks for the info though!

Nice, that sounds like you may have had a guaranteed win for the people throwing the contest to specifically request you to enter. Take that as a good sign and be proud of it even though you can’t enter. If you keep it up and don’t get too “satisfied”, I see lots of good things in your future.

wow, very nice ^^

sigh, I wish someone would contact me for some contest lol

well, they didn’t say you cant enter, you just can’t get any prizes : ) you are joining for the experience and honour right?

hey congrats man.

i recently saw your … lavender? concept in the laptop mag.
the cellphone with perfume design.

Oh really?! Which issue was it? They promised to send me a copy but never did (like all magazines). I really don’t understand why it’s so hard for them to send one measly magazine to me.