Anderson Felt Chucks

They must be creating a pretty strong felt type material for these shoes? Maybe it’s felt covered canvas?

I’m curious about these too! Pretty cool looking at least.

I can imagine that being a pure dense felt with a water-repellant coating, wool is a good outdoor material :slight_smile:
I wonder about ventilation since it’s also one of earth’s highest insulators.

I would definitely love to own a pair.

They do look really good! I wish the tan version was the same colour on the medial side. The monochromes are sweet though!

I’m really curious to hear more about these. As more companies are looking for greener materials, wool could be a very suitable material. I have some 3mm wool kicking around for a non-shoe project and the stuff is way more stiff than you would think. I just don’t know how much it would creep over time. They would make a sweet winter shoe, if they could keep moisture out and not get eaten up by salt/grit.

I’m curious to see if there’s more to the construction than the felt. Is there an inner reinforcement especially linking the laces to the midsole and around the heel. The crazy part is the mid sole looks like it’s also felt! :astonished:

Are allbirds knit wool or it is non-woven?