And you thought your PC got hot during renderings

This is what happens when your brand new video card decides to catch on fire. :open_mouth:

$300 worth of Nvidia cards down the toilet (system has SLI, which actually might have been the only thing that stopped the fire from spreading to the motherboard).



Can’t you send it back to nvidia?


Looks like a foreign object rested itself between contacts? Seems odd that it would overheat in that spot.

These were actually refurbished replacement cards. The cards I have now (that are still working, but glitchy when they get warm) so Dell sent me 2 under warranty.

It didn’t overheat, something was wrong with that board. After installing it the system ran for about 2 minutes before shutting down with a very strange crackling sound. I hit the power button again, heard another weird noise, smelled smoke, and looked into the grill of the case to see the back card on fire.

I managed to get the system working again by putting the old cards in. But Dell agreed to send me an entire new system…at this rate if Dell decideds to send me a system better than what I have now, I’ll take that deal. If it ends up being identical, then I’ll probably just call and complain and try and get a better video setup.


Sorry to hear this happened. Are these the video cards that came in your system when you purchased it from Dell or non-Dell cards that you swapped in? If you swapped them in, then you most likely voided the warranty if it’s still under warranty. I was calling around about RAM and was told if my Dell was still under warranty and I replaced them with non-Dell RAM then it would void the warranty. I’m sure it’s the same case for video cards or any other replaceable component.

I hope you get a better system out of the deal :wink:

Good luck to you!

Nah, these were the Dell warranty replacements that caught fire. The original cards were being replaced because of a faulty memory unit. About 5 minutes after I installed the new cards this happened. Since the replacements were refurbished units and not new, it stands to reason their was a physical defect on the board which caused this.

Dell already agreed to replace the machine, I just haven’t seen the new invoice yet to see what kind of machine it was.

Well then, I wish you the best. Hope you get want you want.