and a few more

a few more , let me have it, the only way I will learn.
heater sketches 1_edited-1.jpg

  1. put everything into 1 post. it will be easier to comment on.

  2. what kind of heater is this? its difficult to comment without knowing more about the purpose (home, car, hockey rink), size (cant tell from the drawings?), materials (plastic, metal?), type (electric, forced air, coal, propane?), etc.


Sorry bout that for some reason it would not let me put them all in one post thus the reason for so many post. It is a small personal heater like at your cubical at work?

Post a reply into this one with your other sketches attached.

I’d loosen up and have fun with it. maybe try some other media to loosen your hand a bit…

the perspective makes the heaters look like thimbles. experiment with different angles, see which angle works best to show off the features of the heater. also adjust your light source, the shadow is a bit long and dark, it distracts from what you are trying to show off: the heater.

Heaters I like: