Anatomy drawing in product design?

Hello there, here goes the situation when you’re exploring shapes of a new design or trying to emulate user situations, interactions or whatever but at a certain time, you need to draw a freaking hand, a head or a full body! My question is, do you guys have any technique to fast and accurate human drawing? I’m personally looking Loomi’s books and methods but it gets real hard to draw anything organic and yet look effortless or with a real natural and smooth trace. I know you don’t have to be a super pro at anatomy drawings but most times, you need to relate designs with the human factor without going on photoshop or renderings. Something tells me that its a matter of kinda mastering any technique you feel comfortable with it and then minimalising it so it doesnt distract for being to bad or too realistic.

Well, any suggestions, tips or tricks are welcome, i’m on a run right now but im willing to upload my drawings about this topic. Bye!

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Good one Keno! Did you take a photo of an actual mannequin doll? I found some websites where you can move a digital mannequin. I guess you can make some screenshots of poses/details of interest then use it as underlay and finally sketch over adding whatever you want. Just like you did Keno :wink:

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Check out some of Joey Zeledón’s work for reference:

My advice is to develop a library or vocabulary of frequently needed aspects of the anatomy and practice those until you have your version of each that you can easily draw. Here is a practice list:

  • figure, standing
  • figure, sitting
  • hand, open
  • hand, clutched
  • foot, at rest
  • foot, flexed
  • head, no features
  • head, minimal features
  • nose
  • eyes
  • mouth
  • forearm