Anatomically correct human head?

I am currently designing a piece of headgear and I am trying to find a reasonably realistic human head model that I can use as a reference. I would rather not get a mannikin head because they are not even close to anatomically correct. I have tried medical supply places but all their heads come apart into 5 different pieces so that the brain, eyes, etc. can be removed. Anyone have suggestions on where I could get an anatomically correct head model?


I had a similar problem, but I needed 5% - 95% heads that were accurate. I found the plastic surgury field provided the best leads/info but ended up machining them out of foam myself.
Are these to be used for any final presentation materials?

At this point, I am just trying to find a basic average human head to design around and then I will be expanding to the 5% -95% of heads. For the moment, I just need a model for my own use but eventually, I will need a display model.

I am finding that this is not an easy task…

Your best bet would be to get a manequin. Or you can try to co to a beauty supply store and by a “wig” display head…It generally is in the proper proportions…

Good Luck…

Can you use a CAD model to design around or are you looking for something thats real?

True anatomically correct CAD models are just as hard to find as physical models, if not harder. If you want a proper one, you may end up having to purchase the CAD file from NOCSAE or someplace like that.

I am with a company called Direct Dimensions and we specialize in 3d digitalization, we do a lot of work with prosthetics and we could produce a accurate CAD model of your own personal head…

Some examples…

Here is a face scanning specialty we deal with

That is amazing! Reminds me of CSI…I would love to see more examples of the technology. Does the software take race into account?

We have tons of examples at our website,

we work in a variety of industries and prosthetics is just a small portion of what we do.

The process behind that project is not engineered specifically towards medical use, all the work post scanning is done in highend 3d modeling software. Typically we use the persons skull that we are working with that way it is an exact match, so to answer your question: it does not matter what race is being processed because each case is worked individually.

The site is amazing! The US Luge images are very interesting. I wonder how this could apply to other sports?

That head scanning dealy is great!

But it’s only great if you are designing for your head. What if you are designing for everyone’s head? Or, at least, everyone with, say, a medium sized head?

Well, thats in interesting question.

I think there are several ways you can look at the data

First: You can make a perfect fitting part to your profile.

2nd: If you need to design for a “everybodys head” you should get a head scanned of someone who you feel is a good representation of the general population.

With that data you can always design around that model keeping in mind to make it general fitting, if you are making something thats adjustable you can place the mid point of adjustability to fit your scanned head.

If it is something thats soft or flexible like a set of ear muffs you will know that the material used is going to allow for a good deal of variation to provide a good quality fit…

Hopefully this makes sense

Well, as it turned out, any anatomically correct head, regardless of who its modeled after is really expensive. I just ended up going with a few dummy heads and used my own and another co-workers as a model. So far, so good. I have produced a couple of looks-like, feels-like prototypes that adjust using velcro straps and a material called Breath-O-Prene and they fit very well to many different heads. 5% to 95%? Well that is yet to be seen.

In terms of 3D content, the US Military did a project a while back that scanned human heads and digitized them into IGES files. They are not the best but they are scans of actually heads and they can be used as a reference to design around. They are kicking around on a lot of the 3D content websites. If anyone wants one, I would be glad to share.

Thanks for all the help.

If the file is email-able, please send to . Much appreciated!