Analog Sketch Pin Board Build Ideas

I’m way late to the game on this one, but I recently started seeing how beneficial it is to pin or post sketches and ideas up on a wall to look at all at once to work on a design instead of looking through a stack of sketches and digital files.

Currently, I’m taping separate sketches to the wall and I’d love some recommendations for a better solution. Are there any types that stood out as good or bad at work or school? Did you use rails, magnets, cork, clips, something purchased etc? I’m thinking of building or purchasing something, ideally lightweight and easy to hang and remove.

4’x8’ 1/2" foamcore. I prefer black.

Pin until destroyed. Buy another.

And it is mobile. Moves from office to meeting, etc.

That is such a good idea, thanks iab!


If you’re short on cash and don’t need to show it to anybody, a less-sexy solution is a 4’ x 8’ sheet of cardboard. Also doesn’t hold pins as well as foam core. And you need to glue 2 layers together to get enough thickness for the pins. Y’know what, just get the foamcore.

Large black foamcare tri-folded panels are superior to anything else especially if you work in large spaces - it is lightweight and you even just want to carry them around with you for the sake of it. When I worked on fashion-related projects we used to have them 5ft high. At smaller offices you can use magnet boards. They work great because you can rearrange the sketches and make wipeable annotations.

Yup from me too, although I like to get as big a piece as possible and try and take over a room!

Yeah, I just ordered a 15 pack of foam core. I will say its not cheap but very effective. 3/16" Does work ok, but if you have the $$, 1/2 is where its at.