an opportunity that arose...

I recently received an email from a design firm based out of New Delhi, India ( They stated that they were looking to expand their reach into the US; and went on to say that they were interested in me becoming sort of a US Representative for them. (They found me through Coroflot.) They would have me doing things like finding companies, approaching these companies, meeting with them, performing some marketing activities, attending conferences, and so on and so forth. I have since emailed back and forth a few times with them to clarify a few things, and to get a better feel for them. Everything seems on the up and up, but I’m still not sure if this is something I should jump at. I guess I’m not too clear on the legalities and red tape that may go along with working for an Indian company over here and such. Also, another hitch is that they see the first 6 months or so as sort of an internship period, and I would be working only for a 5% commission on anything I brought in. After that, they may bring me on as a salary employee.

So what do you guys think? Is this a great opportunity… or does it should a little fishy? And has anyone ever heard of, or dealt with this Desmania Design?

If you can do all that you don’t need them.

And yes, lol, offshore company recruiting you to be their tool through coroflot. I would not trust that sort of approach.

If you met them on your last trip through India, might be different.

See if the are willing to fly you out there for an interview. har!

HA!! I like that idea! :sunglasses:

Yeah, I see it like they are simply looking for some cheap marketing by using a college kid in the states.

Speakin’ of that, anyone hiring?! I’ll be graduating in May and am looking for that first big job…

Definately don’t do it. None of the projects will ever come to fruition and you’ll never see a dime from that 5%. They’ll get some free designs from you and that’s about it.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. You’ve got a LOT of time before May graduation. Just focus on your studies and you’ll be good to go.

I got screwed by a company here in the states that had me earning 1% profit on all products I designed. Everything was pie in the sky for these jokers. Entreprenuers that were, at best, salesmen that make everything sound wonderful. “We’ll sell 200K of these to Walmart, 100K to Target, etc” That’s all bull. Don’t listen to people when they start talking numbers like that. Just don’t.