An ID student who's looking for some tips about intern

Hey… I’m senior whose major is ID. I’m a Chinese and now is in US as an exchange student. I want to come to US again next year to continue my graduate study…Now… there is a quesition that are there any chances for me to be an intern in the US company after I get my undergraduate degree? I just think that the expierence of work is very important to an ID student, and if Ican be an intern in some company for a year will be a good prerequisite to apply graduate school.So…is there any posibilities to do so?
Thanks very much!!

You shouldn’t intern to get experience for grad school… you should intern to get experience for a full-time job! Yes, as long as you have a good portfolio, there is no reason you cannot find an internship as an undergrad grad (I graduated in May and am currently interning at a firm). There are very few with a 1 year length (those tend more towards fellowships, see gravitytank), but a good number will do 3-6 months. The most important thing will be: can you get a visa? Very few consultancies will have the money to sponsor one of those…

Thanks for your reply.Yeah…visa is always a problem for a chinese student…I have seen the discussion about school choice in our forum, and find intership play an important role in the prosess of application. Maybe I should finish my portfolio first instead of thinking such internship things…

Well, you’ll be hard pressed to find an internship without a portfolio… if you’re a senior, shouldn’t you have 4 years of work? You should try to put your portfolio up somewhere like Cargo Collective or Behance and show us! The people here are very helpful and can help steer you on the track that’s right for you.

I agree with Tarngerine.

Focus on getting a portfolio first. That is the root of both getting an internship and getting into a school. As well I am sure you have noticed that there is a place on this forum to post your portfolio.