An Engineer wanting to be a product designer.. and....


I am an electronics engineer from Mumbai, India (B.E. - Electronics degree) and now I want to do my post graduation in product design. We have a fine institution called NID (national institute of design, Ahmedabad,India ) here and it has only 15 seats all over India for product design.I could not make it there this year,due to the tough competition and so I applied at this new institute called MIT,Pune,India; where i am getting admissions for post grads in product design.They basically teach you everything from scratch, as they expect students like me from non-design background (engineering and Architecture) to be there and in 2 years time u become a product designer here in India(Post graduate degree)

Now, I also heard that in UK, Italy, Sweden ( Europe ) and USA, the product design education is much better and at a different level altogether. An friend who has done Urban design from UK gave me an advice to learn 3D softwares for a year (3D max, Maya and Rhino) and apply with a strong portfolio next year to all the post graduate courses abroad. He said I would be getting into some of the best institutions this way.( I have basically been very good in drawing and designing since childhood) and he said i will be just wasting my time in colleges in India as the education is substandard.

Now, the other day I met this person from Univ college for the creative arts,UK… what she told me is even if I learn 3D softwares its of not much use to get admissions into a POST GRADUATE course, cause I will have to take entry into a Graduate course in UK, as the product design basics are only taught there and post graduate courses are mostly research based. She even said that my post graduate - product designer degree from India would be of no use, because I will still be not allowed a post graduate entry in UK or elsewhere EVEN after that.

Now I am more confused than ever… I would appreciate if u would be able to spare a little of your time to access the situation and give me some good advice. Should I wait for a year and make my portfolio and learn 3D softwares In and out, in depth and in details, and achieve mastery over them before applying(3d max,maya,rhino) ?

Or should i go a PG product design here from India?

Also, are u guys aware of any 2 year Post Graduate product design courses which would take an engineer like me with a good portfolio into their institution… or which colleges do u recommend I should look out for?

Your Help is appreciated.


this topic has come up a few times…do a little searching on the forum