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A Curious passion selfmotivated Designer
A human knowledge explorer
From an old country
Welcome any comments and advices.

and thanks for attending my “poll question”

Haven’t reviewed everything, but just a couple comments to start.

First, some general advice to any designer - do not put automotive sketches in your portfolio unless you seriously believe you are a capable, professional level automotive designer. Unfortunately, the only thing you and countless other designers are communicating is “Look at me. I can’t sketch cars nearly as well as actual car designers!”

The other piece that caught my eye was the manta ray/creature inspired product. I understand this kind of inspiration was/is common and apparently unusually acceptable in parts of Asia, but I’m afraid there are many critics - perhaps more in the West - who view this approach as arbitrary, irrelevant, immature. Unless you have a reasonable answer to the question, “Why would a consumer of an electronic product perceive any benefit or added value to a stationery, home based product that looks like an aquatic creature?” Some of your styling buddies may think this is “cool”, but imagine you are promoting this design solution to someone in a decision making role in a Western corporation - perhaps someone from a logical/business/finance/marketing background. What would be your reasoning?

Why not be inspired by a fluffy squirrel? Would the product sell more if it was patterned after an angry anime style robot face?? Would the margins be higher if it was reminiscent of a beautiful supermodel’s ass??? Would it support the desired brand image better if it had more of a jet-fighter feel??? Would usability improve if you had surrounded your design solution presentation with photos of your favorite celebrity architect flavor-of-the-month masterpiece???

Arbitrary, irrelevant, and/or immature. Or?

Thanks for your so direct and helpful advice.even a bit on my mind.

Yes, that some of there has been pay much more attention to the form and decoration, and now the tendence is becoming feeble.That works are made 2 years ago, now I am paying much more attention to the usability market & brand.

I’ll make an improve and edit my portfolio.
Thanks for your helpful advice again.