An Easier-to-Read Measuring Cup - Core77

Copenhagen/Tokyo-based industrial designer Erina Caldeira designed these measuring cups to be easier to read: "A measurement cup that is easy to measure from any angle, with a measurement line on the entire border. The tip of the spout is thin, making it easy to pour and prevent dripping. There are no corners on the inside, so it is easy to wash, and the spout does not touch the table when turned upside down, so it is easy to dry and hygienic."The microwave-safe cups are in production by Japanese housewares brand Marna, with the 200mL-size retailing for ¥968 (USD $7), and the 500ml size going for ¥1,408 (USD $10).

I’m a lapsed industrial designer. I was born in NYC and figured I’d die there, but a few years ago I abandoned New York to live on a farm in the countryside with my wife. We have six dogs.

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The banding looks like it’d be useful and subtlety balances the outsized type of the levels.

I do wonder about the “frosted” bands in terms of cleaning, specifically retaining oil. If they are microwave safe I assume they are dishwasher safe as well? Other than that - nice work!