amorphic OLEDs?

blue sky thing. want a non-rectilinear screen. dont know enough about them to know if OLEDs w plastic substrate could be die-cut w one straight edge for connectors. maybe dont even need that. i’m guessing OLED displays are still rectilinear but dont know. anyone? seems you could “grow” connectors with that new inkjet/metal process. assuming - big assuming - that OLED substrate allows bonding in that process.

if rectilinear i’m also guessing they stack up same as always. for amorphic display you do whats done like on CD players. print a shape to a clear overlay. or similar trick.

guidance or links appreciated.

Do not know if it ever went into production, but I came across an article some time back…3 years probably…about a display Xerox was working on. They called it digital paper. All I can really remember is that the idea was that they could produce a book with 50 sheets contained in it. The reader would read the book like a normal printed book, then when they finished the first 100 pages, select the next 100 and they would be displayed.

The bound edge was square cut, but the outer edge had a rounded out 3 form to it. Problem was it was black and white only.

OLEDs I will as one of my friends (if I can reach him), he has done extensive research on OLEDs for his masters thesis. Let you know what I find out.

Never underestimate the power of clever masking of LCD’s.

i’ve never seen a paper-thin LCD display. they exist? thats the reason why i’m using OLEDs. and an amorphic shape would be helpful. better yet would be if they didnt have to have a flat edge for connectors. nice if they didnt, but not necessary for my design which has two flats.

[oh. multi-color too. paper-thin LCD displays with at least 6 colors?]

maybe usefull