"America's Best Architecture & Design Schools, 2009

I promise i’m not a salesman, if anything, I am being a skeptic

While perusing all the internets for information, i often find links pointing to this book.


What do you all think of this?

Have any of you bought it / flipped through it and thought it was any good?

Is this book really the answer to all of our questions?

Design Intellegence is an architecture firm slash think-tank that publishes the journal with the rankings. They only started doing Design a few years ago.
The difference between them and other rankings is what they are getting after - employability right out of school. They get their numbers by asking firms who they’ve had the most luck hiring from and, (if they were to hire) where would they look in the coming year.

So, the ranking is a bit one dimensional and perhaps not the best evaluation of how good an education you may get at a particular school.

I should start compiling lists and selling the pdf for $40. That looks like the business to be in.

I’m always amazed at the amount of people viewing the Students n’ Schools section on these message board compared to all the others. There’s 79 in here right now! The next on the list is Transportation, with 11.

***so i found a copy of the book in the architecture department library, and the information was much less than hoped.

It’s basically a list, with no detailed information to back their decisions.***

If any other students out there need information, just look at my other post where i share a google doc i’m building with a list of schools and areas of interest.

I don’t think the journal or the list is intended as an aid to prospective students, more oriented towards working professionals.