Americans take to a new diet

Honda’s Fit is actually exceeding their estimated sales volume of 38,000~42,000 vehicles annually. If the sales continue at the current rate, they will hit 78,000! They are even considering building the next Fit in the US.

I never liked that car. It looks like the Echo hatchbacks – a tired design that was replaced with the (arguably, from my experience) better-looking Yaris. It’s neat, but I think they missed the boat to make a nice modern-looking car.


Echo hatch;


Being Canadian as well, I got to enjoy that original Echo on the road. Personally, I really liked the Echo hatch because it was a pure design, and it was a true mini car. The Fit and the Yaris are nearly the same size as my Focus, or at least seem that big. The disappointment, for me, with the Fit is the huge bumpers and elongated front clip for North America. It really takes a nice mini car design (your photo) and turns it into one of those foreign cars that makes you scratch your head and say, “I guess the Japanese still can’t style a car”. The Yaris just bugs me because of the size and proportions. The old one was cute and tiny, as a small car should be. The new one isn’t agressive, like a hot hatch, but it’s no longer cute. It’s just there…in other words, bland.

Well, for my $.02 (US) I’d buy the Chevrolet Aveo.

I rented one this week for a trip down to San Bernadino … rippin’ little machine, great engine sounds, averaged 68 mph per hour over a 500 mile round trip, frigid air-conditioner (in 90+ degree temps), great MPG. Interesting “Hold” feature on the tranny provides near-manual shifting ability.

I’ve often wondered if the Aveo and Echo hatch shared mechanicals. There’s certainly precedent for GM-Toyota crossovers (most recent is the Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe), and the two cars look very similar in size, styling and target market.

Unfortunately there is no relation. The Echo/Yaris is a vastly superior car that is screwed together much better. I heard the new Aveo fairs no better.