American turned Canadian Designers

So I am sitting here watching the Olympic opening ceremonies thinking about how many great experiences I have had in Canada. It is really amazing to me how the “Great White North” is so much like the US, but so much different in its own way. Canada offers many different perks. One they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Two they have some of the greatest cities in North America, I have been to a few but I love Quebec City and they have some great bars and restaurants. I think we all know how much I like food. Three, they have a much stronger economy than the US at the moment.

My question is how many American designers, especially new designers have been venturing into the Canadian market? How hard is it to become a Canadian designer? I even look at myself and if I was thinking of moving on it really looks appealing. Nice people, jobs, and a good economic climate, Why not???

One of my best friends has spent the last year and a half at an architecture firm in Toronto. He loves being in Canada. He’s really enjoyed the culture and the people there. Tons of stuff to do.

I definitely would consider moving up north if a good job opportunity presented itself.

In almost every profession, it’s far easier to find a job in the US than Canada. The pay is also much higher in the US.

It’s a tough trade-off. I stay in Canada because it’s home now and I prefer the more equal society that it’s developed.

I’m an American studying in Vancouver. My teacher mentioned there’s a new thing that ID falls into one of those important careers (like doctors, etc) that allows Canadians to work in US (and vice versa) with a 1 year time limit that is renewable indefinitely. They just need to get the job offer letter signed yearly by customs every year. Or something along that extent.

In general it is easier for foreigners to get into US than Canada. Also the ID market in Canada is no where as big as in US, even so a good chunk of the design companies’ clients are American clients. Vancouver has some design firms, not too many. We’re close to Seattle who has a lot more than we do. Most of the bigger firms are on the east coast mainly Toronto.

I like it here, I’d hand around after school if I can find a job here but most likely will have to relocate. ALso minimum wage here is $8/hour, compare to the lousy $4.50 I’m used to in my home state (but of course we’re not looking at minimum wage jobs).

Also I should add that a lot of people believe Vancouver has a lot of potential as an ID hub, it just needs to happen.

If you’ve read about Richard Florida lately, a lot of places thought they had the potential to be a design hub.