american choppers Jr starts a design consultancy..

Last night Jr saw his first client, Coleman. The ideas for his freshen up of their table top BBQ was ummmm interesting. I had to wonder how much the free TV time played into Coleman decision or was it that Jr’s image ties into the market demographic. Thoughts?

I was just looking around for more information on his shop. I have to think the “free” tv time played a significant role in their decision (“free” meaning they could have possibly paid for the spot). In fact, I would put a decent bet on TLC having played a role in “casting” his first client.

The whole show is basically a big commercial anyway.

I never got into OCC’s style. In the custom car/motorcycle world most people consider them as a laughing stock. Their custom chopper design aren’t the best, but they know how to market and milk the cash cow as much as they can.

I haven’t heard of junior going into design, it may make our profession into a mockery the same as OCC made custom bikes into one. Companies uses them as commercial time, cheaper to buy a custom bike than getting a 30 minute commercial…

I thought OCC was good and they certainly are funny. However, there are guys like Foose that are real artists. An OCC bike is slightly better than stock, Foose’s cars belong in the Louvre.

Paul, Jr. basically wanted to just dip everything in chrome for the Coleman grill to make it sell better. Nice.

I never cared for some of the styling either. If you want a classy bike, you get a BMW. But, if you want an over the top, look at me bike, OCC delivers.

And in the most basic sense, isn’t delivering what its all about?

Nice work if you can get it! :wink:

I agree their designs are pretty bad, do love how every little bump or nut is labeled new rad design (or some such non sense) at their shop. There are some insanely great builders and designers out there as shown in the biker build off series, Matt Hotch is gifted.

I guess my issue with them has always been a complete and total lack of subtlety, every element is a hit you over the head with the “theme” like a brick. They do theme bikes, not custom choppers. Some are more successful to me than others, but generally a little too far over the top. I know they get some ID interns and have some IDers on staff, I wonder if and how much they try to push things in a better direction or if they’re just production artists for Pauly’s idears?

check out the one for the aubdubi police force…ummm words escape me.

I’m trying to find pictures of the Coleman grill design he did, anyone has a link to it? Curiosity is getting the better of me. I came across his site (not fully up yet)

I think OCC and his new design company are/will be popular to those that don’t know the industry (aka the general public), and a joke to those that knows

even Pauly’s website says design and innovation

“Junior” pretty much sums it up !!

looks like a replica cobra in his driveway with numbers too boot! :laughing:

I saw a show earlier in the season and he referred to his new business as a “boutique”. I thought he was go into selling flowers, cards, and gift boxes. This is a disgrace. The guy is not a designer, he has never picked up a pen in his life and he only knows how to make a bike look like a Fire Truck or an Airplane. Have you ever seen the sketches that come out of the OCC show, they look like a high School kid did them.

Now. That is just disgusting.

If you pay close attention to the Paul Jr. “Design” website you might find the hint, that even that website wasn´t done by him, but by a branding agency:

I bet this is not the only thing they’ll have to do behind closed curtains.

I used to have good fun watching the OCC bike show. And I actually liked some of the ideas there, as much as the going easy style of some of the guys. (Chip Foose on the other hand. Oh well…)

But all of that stuff is not “design”. These guys don’t work with the structural elements of the products. The work is solely superficial and should be called “styling” if anything. Paul Jr. is certainly not a designer and giving a show like that major airtime will make it even harder to communicate what a “designer” really does.

what the f. Even hairdressers nowadays call themselves “Hair designers”…
Why don’t I call myself “Style designer” or “Design stylist”???

Better getting myself a beer now.


I think this proves that with the right marketing, any design will sell

These guys don’t work with the structural elements of the products.

Not true… they fabricate handlebars! :open_mouth: And they have other stuff made.

Which is basically my bitch. I always find “these” shows to be essentially deceiving. It’s cookie cutter design process. Not always, but for the most part, they “build” a bike by having a bunch of other truly skilled craftspeople make parts for them, have someone else paint, and chrome them, pull a bunch of “stock” components (built by others) off the shelf, assemble it all, and take credit for the “design”. Granted, it’s hard to do everything in-house; even Foose, Ness, Codington (R.I.P.), James, etc. farm(ed) work out.

The Roarin’ Nineties… . everyone had big bucks (or borrowed themselves into debt) and had to have a “custom” Harley; the perfect market for a TV show.

Would that we could all have access to whomever developed and promoted this show (and hence the business). And promote it they have… .

Sour grapes … … ? Yeah.

Yeah LMO, that was always a big gripe of mine as well. After seeing the first show that featured Jesse James forming a gas tank on the english wheel (and all those that followed) I got sucked in by the process and craft angle. Then I tune into American Chopper expecting the same and was always so disappointed when OCC was taking X stock fender off the shelf and chopping it with the angle grinder in combo with Y stock gas tank with some extra stock welded to it.

Unfortunately so. How often has the purported “best” on television, film, or radio, ever even approached good?