ambiente fair- frankfurt

is anyone travelling to frankfurt to attend Ambiente fair (10th-14th feb)

i just finished my travel arrangements and was wondering if any of you wants to meet up at the fair.

i am travelling from canada and would love to meet a few design people.


Usually design people hang out in the pubs in the Sachsenhausen district getting the mandatory hangover for the next day at the fair. It’s just behind the youth-hostel so you can’t miss it. If you are paying your trip your self I suggest staying at the youth hostel as hotels reeeally rip you off during the fairs.

If you can, try to get an invitation to the “designer’s party”. Good place to network in and has free drinks. However I didn’t go last year, so they might have changed.

At a walking distance from the hostel along the river you will find the design museum which always is rebuilding its exhibitions during the fair, but maybe not this year. A bit further is the cinema museum which is worth a few hours visit.

Public transport works great, so forget about the taxi queues at the evening closing time. Just remember to pay for your ride as the ticket controllers don’t listen to explanations. Most places are within 45 minutes of walking anyway.

hey thanks,

i have been visiting the fair for ast 5 years and its mostly for the companies that i have worked for. its mostly going out with the suppliers and buyers after the fair day…but i am trying to find some interesting design people to hang out with…
whats the designer’s party?..where do i find out more about this?

I think the best way is to hang out at hall 6.1 and make contacts. Another good way is knowing someone in say halls 10.3-5. I have no idea where they appear from, someone just always seem to have one to spare. Could be that this is something of the past, but it used to be useful fun. I don’t know if I bother to go to the show this year. Probably it’s a must. And I love the smell of trade fairs…

cool…will try to make a contact with the party people.
do post a message if you are going to the show too. they have opened another section of products this year.

9 years later…

Anyone here, today for a live beer at 6 ?