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What is your background?

I believe the UPenn program is geared towards engineers looking to get into design/entrepenureship. But I could be wrong, it’s been a few years since I checked it out.


Thanks for replying. I am a Bachelors In Product Design Student . Well both the courses incorporate engineering principles and lessons , what i cant decide is which institute would have a good reputation in terms of professors, fellow students and job prospects ? Since the course duration is one year I need to make sure it does secure atleast a decent job in the future.

What are you looking to do?

Both the courses deal with innovation and at same time incorporate technology through engineering lessons. I am interested in ambient space design. But I highly doubt there is a job title as such. For other reasons I am also interested in getting a job that deals with innovation or product design.

That’s a new one to me – what is ambient space design???

My friend, Ambient Space Design would constitute a variety of factors . Such as designing ambience for an airport lounge, a penthouse , hospital etc. Key elements would be playing with the temperature , ambient sounds , lights to give a pleasant experience . However a step ahead would be designing interactive ambient environment that suits one’s needs.
Studying the client and the end consumer would enable the designer to incorporate elements which are particular to the culture of the people using that particular ambient environment. But an overall life cycle needs to be thought of for the environment such as maintenance viability, energy friendly environment and most importantly making people feel that entering the ambient zone makes them for those moments lively and let them know that they are indeed experiencing a one of its kind ambient environment.
This could be replicated at any desired place if the designer is willing to. Could be church, a temple, a kids playground or designing just a product such as an interactive desk. Hope that mostly answers your question.