Amazon - Brand behind the Brands

Interesting NY Times article about Amazon being the brand behind the rise of low cost, low margin, high technology consumer products.

Thanks for sharing Dan, it was an interesting read! I have been thinking about an aspect of this lately: When they say “High Quality” is it really high quality or have consumers expectations been lowered over the years to accept poor quality for low prices? If I’m buying a $30 Nest ripoff I usually assume the quality to be low and factor that in with my purchasing decision and I’ve found that I have had many recommendations for “good for the money” products that resulted in a let down. Nevertheless, its interesting to see Amazons impact on the world.

I agree. This is the only reason every retail product companies want to get associated with Amazon at low cost. @AVClub low and high quality of products depend on pricing as well as product to product. For getting info and actual feedback of the products, review section plays a very important role before any purchase or order.