AMAZING MODEL (Title edited by Moderator)

I keep seeing these really well done models

I am wondering how these are made?

Is it just really good painting and finish? If so, what is used?

Are they blue foam models? Thermoformed stytrene? Other?

If anyone has any ideas or tips I’d appreciate it.


I’d imagine they’re modelled in clay, cast, and paintd, probably using pretty standard car paint.

A transport designer could give you the full low down!

Frankly speaking, that isn’t very amazing. Professional model makers can make really amazing models that you won’t be able to tell from real ones.

In fact, many product catalog photographs are done with models, not the real products.

How? Skill and experience. There is no set procedure or method. There will always be different details that will require unique ways to achieve.

Products can be CNC milled out of ren or foam and finished.

Cars can be done the same way, or sculpted out of clay.

Either way, they will require a high level of surface finishing and painting.

I took 3 transportation classes at AIP and I was nowhere near the level of my two friends who both worked in family auto body shops their whole lives. These two guys had some real talent! We learned three methods, 1. sculpted particleboard, bondo, and paint 2. sculpted blue foam covered with fiberglass sheets and polyester resin and then bondo and paint 3. the sculpted clay method. It’s definitely skill.

Thanks for the responses. Do any of you know of any good books-websites-resources for model making tips and tricks. just something to get me familiar with the subject.

I don’t know of any particular book. I used to have this book by a Japanese model maker, awesome techniques, but a lot of the materials and hand tools featured in the book isn’t available locally.

Honestly, I don’t see how you can learn about model making just by reading. You need to do it with a given project, much like learning how to use a software.

The best thing I can suggest is to take classes. I am sure some of the design schools offer model making classes, even for continuing education. That will be your best bet.

Depending on where you live, you might try calling up a local model shop and scheduling a visit.

I used to have this book by a Japanese model maker, awesome techniques, but a lot of the materials and hand tools featured in the book isn’t available locally.

just curious, whats the name and author of the book? ISBN#?

i have one called models and prototype by (last name) Shimizu,

he goes over some clay sculpts… pretty dated though.
another products thats typically used for finishing clay models is called DiNoc- is a stretchy film that comes in most colors (even metalics) and is applied to the burnished surface of the clay with water and a squeegee… most full sized clay models are DiNoc’ed from what I’ve learned, but it works just as well on a 1/4 scale model.

Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore, must have left it back home or gave it to my juniors back in college. I just remembered that he made some amazing miniature furniture with foam core that looked like real ones.

Here is a link to the Models and Prototypes book on Amazon

Here is a link to an automotive clay sculpting forum. It was started by Steve Austin who happens to be an amazing clay modeler.

Hope this helps!

title of this disscusion is “amazing prototypes” and low and behold its a model…dont you kiddies KNOW THE DIFFERENCE?

Zippyflounder, isn’t that a bit of a negative comment? Sure, you’re right, however, I think the person starting the thread was after some advice and direction (which most have offered!), rather than someone picking holes in their thread title, and in capitals to top if off!

I just changed the title of this thread to avoid any confusion… No reason to be so rough on the original poster, Zippy… We all have to learn somehow…


It is a very nice model. I get to walk past it everyday at school. Not sure who made it but it was made by an upper class men in the trans track here at UC…

sorry for the quality was taken with my phone


I’d like to see more of that Star Wars looking van in the back left corner. Can you get in that room?

Yeah I think I have some pictures form the display they had last year. I should be able to get in and take some pictures.

heres the guys portfolio it has a bunch of sketches and some of the model.



Thanks for the portfolio link. Do you know this Robert?

Can’t say I do. I’m pretty sure he graduated this past june.


I’m planning to do a hands-on internship…
Does somebody know any forums or London-directories for both in-house departments and agencies better than the ones I already found?
Maybe some other tips that could help me with my search? (model makers / art fabricators) (in-house model makers) (prop makers) (display makers) (metal workers) (cabinet makers) (plastic manufacturers)