Amateur Maker

Hi All,

It is very inspirational to look at all the work presented here by industry professionals and I’m sure I will learn a lot from following threads here.

I would describe myself as an amateur maker. Professionally I work in IT service management however I have always had a great passion for making “stuff”. I have no artistic streak whatsoever. I cannot sketch at all. However I can draw parts in 2D CAD that assemble into 3D objects. I work a lot by trial and error. I have a comprehensive selection of tools and machines so I can often get a prototype of an idea built pretty fast. My favorite tool is by far my laser cutter.

Are there any other amateurs like me frequenting this forum?

I have managed to market some of the things I design, the most successful being my marble machine kits. You can see them at my webshop -

It is not currently active as I’m in full time employment at the moment. I have licensed the designs to the MAD Museum in UK who manufacture and sell the kits in their museum shop and online. I have sold several thousand kits to customers all over the World.

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