Am I the only one feeling this way

Is it only me, or are all final year BA design students scared shit that they are not designer material… what if I get a job and they realise I’m really not that good… OH NO !!!
Are all you guys or were all you guys so confident ?

Trust me, If you land a job you are good enough. Just keep in mind less than 40% of recent BA grads recieve an inperson interview, and less than 5% are working in the field within 12 months of graduation. Numers given during Professional Practice class my final year…@4 yrs ago. That was just prior to the bubble burst.

I am as confident as the next guy, but when I graduated and when I accepted that first job offer I briefly had some doubts. But nothing compared to the feeling when I started the job and relized all of the work in school payed off, and it all was worth it.

I feel the same way too, one more smester to go, and I don’t know if I have the skills or knowledge yet to really do the whole design thing. My internship has been very discouraging, working on petty little projects that are baseless and without research or any thought, just silly projects the boss throws at me to keep me out of his hair. What if I’m stuck in these mediocre jobs forever?? What if I’m not good enough for those dream jobs I want? ::::Sighs::: somebody help us!

Aspiring designers should realize that most of the jobs out there are not dream jobs. That’s life. However, passionate designers don’t worry about that. If you really love design, you’ll be designing your own things on your own time. If you don’t, then it’s just another occupation. In which case you’re no different than 99.999% of the people working. But 90% of them would rather have your job.

Amen to that. After some years working you realize one can be reasonably good at a job without necessarily ever having been passionate about it. It’s true of designers as it is of engineers, accountants or countless others. Scary to see some doctors feeling this way too. They just went into the field because nothing else interested them, that’s all, and managed to pull it through. That’s skills, not passion.

Designers with both, unless employed by Apple or others in that 0.01% of forward thinking firms, eventually all end up running their own gig. In a job, whether design or not, you’re still there to do like someone else tells you. And you do that if you want to eat.

I won’t kid you, it will take hard work, dedication, persistence, and all that good stuff to land your first gig. There’s a good chance you’ll hate your first gig too, but stick it out and over time you’ll realize that it’s getting you somewhere. Don’t worry about not being good in your first job, just do your best and learn every possible thing that you can, always always ask questions.

Who here thinks that their 2nd job was infinately better than the first?

Absolutely, as long as you’re continually learning and growing and are respected, it can keep getting better. When it doesn’t, do your own thing so you can make things the way you wish they would be.