Am I killing myself with this schedule (SCAD)

I put SCAD in the title just to grab the attention of those who have been here. Just to clear that up.

Next quarter I’m considered a sophomore. I’ve decided that my minor is going to be Furniture design, and because I’m sick of foundations classes I’ve decided to take

Introduction to Industrial Design
Design Studio: Introduction to Furniture
Materials and Technologies (Furniture Design class)

as my next quarter schedule. I’m also taking them all on the same days, Tue/Thurs starting at 8AM and then continuing until 4:30.

I’ve talked to a number of people and they all think I’m absolutely insane. However, I think this might be better for me. I procrastinate heavily, as the only way I feel I can push myself to get things done is to be under pressure and able to just do everything in one giant marathon.

All three are also studio classes. I’ve done fantastically well with studios and definitely find myself preferring them miles and miles above lecture classes.

So, my question still stands. Should I worry enough about this schedule to make a change or is it possible to get all this done? I realize I will be probably living at Gulfstream from now on, but that doesn’t exactly seem like a bad thing.


I tend to agree that you may be biting off more than you may be able to chew. Intro to ID and Materials and Technologies, and Design Studio: Introduction to Furniture, are three very demanding classes. They are going to take a lot out of you and you may be fine the first half of the quarter but you will start to burn out towards the end. I know this because I took ID studio II and Intro to furniture at the same time and it sucked. I ended up sacrificing time in my furniture class to get my ID work done. This sucked because in intro to furniture you build a coffee table and mine did not come out nearly the way I wanted it too.

My suggestion is to stagger the classes. If you are doing this as a time management strategy this is not the way to learn how to manage you time. If anything it is going to work against you. You will be faced with time management your entire college career and working life. This is the perfect time for you to learn how to do it. Do the typical thing, write things down, make to do lists, schedule your time, etc… These are better ways to manage your time verses cramming all your studio classes into the same day which are going to have the same deadlines.

Too much.

Intro should kick your a$$ if you’re serious about it anyway.

FWIW, take a look around at the faces of your Intro to ID class-- about half of those faces will make it through to get their BFA ID.

The rule of thumb is 2 studios, and 1 lecture/book-based/non-studio course.

you will be very happy about not having that 3rd studio. that’s what the lecture classes are there for in a sense, other than providing you with an essential foundation of knowledge, they allow you to breathe, and focus your energy onto one project at a time.

once you get to Studio 3 and Senior Studio, watch out. I’d recommend taking 2 lectures to balance out the workload.

Honestly, I don’t think there are enough hours in the day to be successful with that schedule. My intro class really kicked my ass when I took it, and then to stack 2 more studios on top of that seems pretty nuts. I lucked out and had a life drawing professor that quarter who wasn’t big on homework which is the only way I made it through.

It’s really not worth it to try to take 3 studio classes in one quarter. If you’re sick of traditional lecture classes, give Applied Creative Thinking a shot instead of one of your studios. It’s not a ton of work and it’s a nice change of pace from the art history or english classes you’ve probably been taking.

Honestly you should be able to handle it. In the real world outside of school the hours are much worse than that and its usually 5 days a week if not more. Having to wrap your brain around a problem all day can be draining but its what you are training yourself to do for a lifetime.

You will definitely get burned out. But if you use your studio time wisely you wont have to pull as many all nighters during the week.

Good luck.

first off its generally not a good idea to take advise from someone who has Des Nutz as their signature. sorry coledf, you may have some sound advise but it looks bad when at the end is Des Nutz

second, it is possible but as mentioned by others the work in one if not all of your classes is going to suffer. it would be better to swap one of those studios for a lecture so you can be proud of the work you are doing in all of your classes. when you graduate people want to see a high quality of work, so dont let stupid scheduling affect this. besides if you take 3 studios now you will have to take 2 lectures some other quarter and you will be bored out of your mind.

I don’t understand how my signature of Design Nutz has to do with anything. Why is being design nuts a bad thing. Maybe being design nuts is just what it take sto get through 3 studios a day twice a week. But the advice still stands.

coledf, I think you’re underestimating the amount of work required to do well in a SCAD intro class, let alone two of them.
It’s important to remember that your foundations courses that you’ve taken up to this point have kind of been a joke compared to what you’re going to encounter once you’re hitting your major courses.

I don’t think I’m underestimating them necessarily. When I was in school I took three studios a quarter (far less time than a semester I understand but the same amount of work) at U. Cincinnati. Plus, acidmonkey seems to work well under those kinds of deadlines. I was the same way. I say go for it. The only think that will ever hold you back will be yourself.

Well, we’re nearing midterms, and yeah.

I’m about to die.

Then again, I’ve had a lot of non-school issues to tend to. That’s been the biggest problem.

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but I would say it’s quite a lot of work. I’ve pulled quite a few all-nighters already. I’m beginning to dread what finals are going to be like.