Aluminum wall thickness question

Hello everyone,

I am designing some patio furniture with aluminium frames similar to this Kettal piece shown.
What wall thickness would you recommend for the tubing?
Thank you in advance!

Typically, for any square aluminum tubing 1" x 1" or above, stock wall thickness is 0.125".

You obviously can get a custom thickness, but that would be foolish if your quantities are low.

Manufacturers of the tubing will give specs for you to plug into a free body diagram if you are looking to optimize thickness. Otherwise, the 0.125 would hold up several fatties.

Otherwise, the 0.125 would hold up several fatties.


Good answer to the question, iab. But shouldn’t a short force calculation be part of the job here?
Dynamic loads? Jumping 4 year olds?

(don’t know where that one came frome…)


Why aluminum? Why not steel? Cheaper, stronger, and probably similar finish qualities judging by your rendering. If you’re thinking of anodizing, you’ll have a tough time welding that to hide the discoloration at the welds with anodizing. If you’re powder coating, it could be anything…