Aluminum look to plastic

We have a project where customer wants a hi end finish for plastic. A polished steel or aluminum look. I know sources too get that look in prototyping but who does those cool knobs for Whirlpool of plastic that looks brushed aluminium?


You could contact Northern Engraving. They supply many industries (automotive, home appliance, golf, etc.) with items you have described.

Another process you could look at is called vapor deposition or chemical vapor deposition. It is somewhat analogous to powder coating.

I hope this helps.


LaFrance also does a lot of parts like that. Most of them are real metal but ultra thin sheets of metal over plastic.

Try Ray Vac. They do smaller parts, and they’re in the area.

thanks guys… ill call each of them.

Runner Corp is a place to look at for vapor deposition if you have a large (volume) program.

They do a lot of faucets and things, similar to others described, thin layers of metal deposited onto a substrate (usually plastic).